Land Planning

Alterra Design Group specializes in providing land planning services for commercial real estate valuation. Our experience includes project planning for sites ranging from small C-Stores to large ranches, residential subdivisions, and urban high-rise developments. Our clients include private landowners, as well as city, county and state entities. Typical land planning work includes:

  • Whole Property Plans
  • Remainder Plans
  • Costs to Cure
  • Site Planning
  • Subdivision Planning
  • Permitting


Analysis and Consultation

Alterra Design Group's planning staff has extensive knowledge of Texas land development practices and local zoning ordinances, which allow us to provide accurate and comprehensive site analyses to our clients. Typical analysis includes:

  • Entitlement Research
  • GIS Mapping
  • Land Use Consultation


Litigation Support

Alterra Design Group's planning staff will provide support throughout the litigation process for properties impacted by road widening and other acquisitions. Typical litigation support includes:

  • Expert Testimony
  • Exhibit Production